Affordable SEO for WordPress

Affordable SEO for WordPress: Is there such a thing?


What is SEO Ranking?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. In short, SEO is the strategy of getting Free or also known as organic traffic from search engines to your website or blog.

Major search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo have what you call search engine results. This where the search engine looks at the content in the title tag, meta description and also the content on the web page and depending on the words that are typed into the search engine, displays the google listings according to relevancy.

Example: If I type in the words “seo ranking” into a search engine and hit enter. Google, yahoo, or bing will display the top web pages or blogs that the search engine considers  to be most relevant to that keyword -( seo ranking )

Now there are different slots on the results page such as slot 1, slot 2 slot 3 and so on. Each results page has about 8 to 10 different slots.

Here is an example of a search result after I typed the word "seo ranking" in the google search engine:


As you can see indicated by the red arrow I typed in the word "SEO ranking" in the google search engine and here are my results.

At the very top of the page there will be what you call paid ads, but we are not going for paid ads we are going for organic traffic, so I didn't list those.

I scrolled down the page to the organic traffic and this is what we got.

The numbers from 1 to 6 represent the position of each search result that came when in typed in the search term or also know as keyword "seo ranking"

The goal of SEO Ranking is first of all to get your listing to show up on the first page of google. Then after that try to get your google listing to show up as number 1 on the first page of google and that is what you call seo ranking.

Affordable SEO Ranking is hard to find now a days especially with so much emphasis on SEO and seo companies charging a fortune.

Well that was until you came across this blog on SEO tips and techniques that are guaranteed to boost your google ranking using FREE SEO tools..

Is there Affordable Google SEO?

The answer is yes. Now let me explain what I mean by saying yes to SEO being affordable.

I know there are many people and many seo companies out there that are charging a lot of money for SEO. Unfortunately, there are not too many cheap seo services if any, but I am going to show you how to do wordpress seo using seo keywords for free. Yes for free, but my learning came with a price.

I tried one of these seo companies, whose name I will not mention, and they charged me $99 a month for SEO services. You can guess what happened to my website rankings, nothing.

After four months of paying $99, they told me it takes time and my website is going to rank in google, just keep paying us. After the 4th month I cancelled my seo service, and they got off with my $400 and this is a big name company.

I would dare to say, that I am not the only one who has an SEO story like this.

Now I am answering the question of is “SEO affordable?”

My answer was yes and let me explain why I say that.

When I got ripped off $400 from the so called seo experts and that big-name SEO company, I learned from this experience. I challenge myself to learn seo techniques and I was on a mission.


I started researching and looking into seo trainings that would teach me how I can improve my SEO skills, which at that time I knew nothing about.

I started listening to Basic SEO tutorials, reading blogs on SEO, and I even bought a book on SEO (which was a little bit too complicated) so I didn’t even read it, but this is how my SEO journey began.

What I have learned is that there are 3 basic things that are important when it comes to SEO. Now I am sure SEO experts will probably tell you there are more, and I am sure there is, but these are the 3 things combined with FREE seo tools that have helped me take my websites to another level in the google search rankings.

I will walk you through each step and how I use them to perform seo analysis for my websites. I will also walk you through the steps that I take to optimize my homepage for SEO using FREE seo tools that google provides.

Speaking of FREE seo tools, did you know that google gives you some amazing tools that you can use to optimize your website for search engines for FREE?

That is why I say seo is affordable, because everything that I am going to show you on how to optimize your Website can be done for FREE.

Many people are charging for SEO tools, but did you know that basic SEO can be done for FREE!!!

Here are some results of one of my websites. These are results that I have gotten using the seo tips that I am going to show you below.


In case you are not sure how to read this graph, let me break it down for you. What I am going to show you is called Google Search Console to do a Website SEO Analysis.

How does Google Search Console graph work?

The First column in blue is called Total Clicks, the second column in teal is called Total impressions, the Third column in green is called Average CTR, and the fourth column in purple is called Average Position.

Okay let’s go through each one step by step, but before we do that let me explain to you how keywords and google search engine works.

Ok say I am interested in learning about SEO, so I go to and I type in the words “learn SEO.”

When I typed in “learn SEO” (which we learned earlier the words I type are also known as keywords) there are certain google listings that show up in the google search engine.

The first google listings at the top of the page are google paid ads:


The next 4 google listings that show up are what you call organic search, that means these are free listing that google displays according to the “keywords” that are type in the search engine.


Now the goal of SEO is to get your website to show up on the first page of google results when someone types in a certain keyword. Why is the goal to get on the first page of google search results? Well because not too many people click on the next page or the page after that once they have typed in a certain keyword. Meaning if you are on the first page of google for a certain keyword, then your chances of someone clicking on your website listing are a lot better than if your listing shows up on the second or third page.


How to use Google Search Console...

Google Search Console Explained:

Ok now I will show you what these columns mean and how they can show you how well you are doing with your seo strategies and your seo ranking.

Total Number of Clicks:

The first column in the blue which is labeled total number of clicks shows how many people clicked on my google listing once it showed up in the search results. This number represents actual visitors to your website from the google search engine.

Total Impressions:

This column represents how many impressions or how many times your listing showed up in the google search engine, once a certain keyword was typed. People pay a lot of many to get their website or blog to get impressions on google and other places, but I am going to show you how to do this SEO technique for FREE.

Average CTR

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. What that means is this: say my Total number of impressions is 1,000 and my Total Number of Clicks is 10. In order to get my Click Through Rate you take 1,000 and divide it by 10 and this gives you a 1% Click Through Rate. Meaning 10 out of 1,000 impressions of my google listing in the google search results, 10 people actually clicked on my google listing and went to my website.

Average Position

This is the average position that your listing showed up at in the google search engine once a keyword was type in. I will take a look at the previous image that we viewed earlier to explain Average Position.


As you can see once we type in “Learn SEO” we got certain results in the google search engine for those keywords. Now the results from top to bottom are numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4.

So, if my listing is at the top it has a position of 1. If my listing is second it has a position of 2 and on and on. So if my listing on say on page 3 and it shows up as the 15th listing my position would be 15. So when google search console says your average listing is 4 that means it has an average of showing up as number 4 in the google search.

If you would like to know what keywords are causing your listing to show up in the google search engine, then I encourage you to enroll in my SEO online course where I explain this process in detail.

How to optimize your site with on page SEO:

Okay no we know how to read the results in the google search console. Let me show you how to optimize your website with on page SEO. This will get your website to get more impressions, more clicks and increase your click through rate, that will eventually increase your position in google.

Step 1 – Optimize your Title Tag